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Download Nulls Brawl: Lily, Draco, Godzilla Event, Mutations

Nulls Brawl is receiving a monstrous new update featuring collaborations with Godzilla and introducing two new brawlers – Lily and Draco. Additionally, a chaotic new mechanic called Mutations will temporarily transform how brawlers play during the event.

Godzilla Event

The centerpiece of this update is the Nulls Brawl x Godzilla collaboration event running from April 29 to May 20. It revolves around a new game mode called City Smash where teams collect Monster Eggs to spawn Godzilla or Mecha Godzilla as a playable brawler.

Destroying the city as the kaiju rewards Monster Eggs which contain the following:

  • Coins
  • Power Points
  • Credits
  • Skins
  • Mutations


Mutations are powerful new modifiers that radically alter brawlers’ abilities when enabled in game modes with the Mutation modifier active. Over 30 unique mutations exist, causing effects such as:

  • Unlimited ammo
  • Firing special projectiles
  • Granting new attacks

For example, one mutation allows Bo to have unlimited mines while another makes enemies hit by Prank fire speech torpedoes.

Club Rewards

Players in clubs during the event can work together to break a Giant Egg by collectively opening Monster Eggs. Completing the egg unlocks:

  • Gem rewards
  • The exclusive Hypercharged Godzilla Brock skin

Hypercharged skins are a new rarity that transform brawlers’ appearance when they enter their Hypercharged state.

New Brawlers


Lily is a new Mythic assassin brawler. Formerly human, she was transformed into a powerful plant/firefly hybrid creature.

Her main attack is a fast, short-ranged burst. Lily charges her Super, Flourish, by remaining near enemies. Flourish fires a projectile that damages and teleports her behind the target if hitting.

Lily releases alongside her Strawberry Lily skin for 29 gems.


Draco is a new Legendary tank brawler wielding a weaponized guitar. He deals bonus damage hitting enemies directly with the guitar’s tip.

His Super allows him to mount an inflatable dragon, granting:

  • Increased movement speed
  • Damage reduction
  • A new area-of-effect flame attack

Draco’s Dragon Knight skin costs 29 gems.

New Skins

Other new skins include:

  • Hacker Brock (Brawl Pass)
  • P.E.KY
  • Fangar
  • Glitch Larry/Laurie
  • Virus Charlie
  • Beach Byron
  • Parasol Frank
  • Frost Queen Amber
  • Galamortis
  • And recolors of past skins

Game Modes

5v5 Knockout: Brawlers become stronger as teammates are defeated.

Ranked 2nd Win: Brawlers re-spawn where defeated instead of returning to the starting location.

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