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R-T and Willow in Nulls Brawl will appear in a new update

The new season of Nulls Brawl will be called “The Mystery at the Hub”. Two new brawlers will appear in the game: R-T and Willow. 18 new skins, including a redesign of the old ones. A new battle start screen. And a new brawler’s mastery system.

R-T – a new chromatic brawler

The newest addition to the Chromatic Brawlers lineup is R-T. Upon landing a hit with R-T’s primary attack, the target will receive a mark that increases the damage from subsequent attacks. The effect is removed once the target takes damage. It’s possible to mark multiple targets at once, so attacking enemies on different lanes can be beneficial to the team.

R-T’s Super ability allows him to split into two parts. His legs remain in the location where the Super was activated while the upper body becomes controllable. R-T’s attack changes to a circular area and both the upper and lower halves will attack simultaneously. This allows for controlling two zones at once, and R-T can mark targets in both forms. When the Super ability is used again, R-T will return to his original condition and heal himself.

Willow is a new mythical fighter

Introducing Willow, the mythic Brawler and the second addition to this Nulls Brawl update’s lineup.

Willow forms a new trio and has the unique ability to manipulate her opponents by using the things they love.

Her primary attack involves throwing her lantern at enemies, similar to Barley’s attack, but with an added poison damage effect.

Her Super ability is where things get really interesting. Willow throws one of her tadpoles into an enemy’s mind, gaining control over them for a limited time. While controlled, the enemy Brawler is unable to use their Super or Gadgets but can use normal attacks. To break free from Willow’s mind control, the player can either wait until the effect wears off, defeat Willow while she’s controlling someone, or attack the controlled Brawler. If the controlled Brawler’s health reaches a critical point, they can break free from Willow’s control. Additionally, when Willow controls a Brawler, she fully heals them, and the controlled Brawler becomes invincible.

New battle start screen and customization

With the latest update, a new Battle Start Screen has been introduced that displays various elements when a match begins.

Players can now showcase their Skin, Player Profile picture, Pin, Fame, Mastery Level, and Title to other players. These elements can be customized, and players can choose to either customize them for each individual Brawler or show the same options for every match.

This feature can be particularly helpful in Showdown mode, allowing players to take a quick glance at all the Brawlers in the match. Furthermore, some of these customizable items will also appear on a player’s Profile Page, providing further options for personalization.


The latest Null Brawl update introduces Mastery, a new system that replaces the previous XP system. Each Brawler has its own Mastery track, where players can collect Coins, Power Points, Credits, unique cosmetics, and occasionally Chroma Credits by winning matches with that specific Brawler.

Progression is straightforward, with players earning Mastery Points directly proportional to their Trophies or Power/Club League Rank. The higher the Tier or Rank, the more points earned.

The Mastery system is designed to factor in the difficulty of games at higher Trophy counts and longer matchmaking times, resulting in more points earned per victory. While it’s easy to progress in Mastery, it’s not a fast process, taking approximately 48 hours to complete a single Brawler’s track. There is also a cap on how many Mastery Points a player can collect in a day, but it’s set high enough that it’s unlikely to be reached in a single session.

Once a Mastery track is complete, players earn a new Title that they can use with any Brawler, which appears under their name on the Battle Start screen. Mastery can be earned in Power League, Club League, and Trophy matches, but not in map maker, friendly matches, or challenges.

Mastery is available as soon as the update is released.


Other changes

  1. The popular game modes, Basket Brawl and Duels, are now permanent and share the same game slot, alternating daily between the two modes.
  2. Several new maps have been added to every game mode.
  3. Players can also participate in the #AlleyCatBullGiveaway on social media for a chance to win a free Alley Cat Bull skin.



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