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Nulls Brawl (Mandy, Chester, and Gray) 47.200 [Latest Version] – Download APK

Nulls Brawl is a private server for the popular mobile game, Brawl Stars. Nulls Brawl offers all of the same features as its official counterpart, but it also adds some unique extras like unlimited coins and gems, custom skins and brawlers, and more powerful weapons than you would find in regular play.

Update 17.12.2022: Mandy, Chester, and Gray (Season 16) added to the game. The server has been updated to version 47.200.

One of the best things about Nulls Brawl is that there are no limits on how much you can play or what levels you can reach in-game – so if you want to grind your way up to become a master brawler then this is definitely one way to do it! Plus, since it’s a private server there’s no need for ads or microtransactions either; everything comes free with your account!

What’s interesting about Nulls Brawl?

Unlike the original game, the private server allows you to open all brawlers for free, without waiting and without buying gems for real money. There are other differences as well:

  • 62+ fighters, all gadgets, passives and skins (you can unlock them through the store);
  • Available to play online with friends;
  • Multiplayer with real players, not bots;
  • Infinite gems, gold, boxes;
  • Another system of ratings for winning battles;
  • Maps and modes change faster.

What in the latest version 47.200

After installing Nulls Brawl with Mandy, Chester, and Gray – go to the store menu, click “Unlock All”, and after reloading – “Upgrade All”.

  • 3 new brawlers: Mandy, Chester, and Gray with gadgets and passives.
    16 skins.
  • A new character upgrade system.
  • While the boxes will remain in the game.


Mandy is the shooter with the longest-range attack in the game. If she is moving, the distance is reduced to the normal range.

Super Mandy is a death ray that can get to the other side of the map.


The main attack has three stages: on the first attack he shoots one shell, on the second he shoots three shells, and on the third, he fires five shells.

Chester is the first warrior with a random Super, a total of five types of them. They come up in random order.

Overall Nulls Brawl provides an excellent alternative for those who want something different from their gaming experience; whether they’re looking for more freedom when playing online games or just wanting something new every once in awhile. With its many advantages over traditional servers (such as greater customization options), this type of platform has quickly grown into one of the most popular ways people enjoy their favorite titles today!

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