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Nulls Royale [Latest Version] – APK Download

Null’s Royale is a private server for Android APKs that lets you gain unlimited chests, gold, gems, and XP. It also allows you to build your favorite deck with any cards you want.

Update 10.11.2022: New version 3.3024.3 is out with a new champion, one legendary map added, new arenas and experience levels, and the latest season emotes, skins and banners.

In the original Clash Royale, players have to wait hours before chests open. But in Null’s Royale, chests are always free to open, they are also unlimited! This way you can make your gaming experience as easy or challenging as you want by using console commands.

What’s new in the update

  1. Added content from seasons 16-22;
  2. Added new chests to Nulls Royale;
  3. Changed balance when picking up an opponent;
  4. New game modes;
  5. Unique Emoji.


In Nulls Royale you can unlock all the cards on this private server really fast. In the shop, you will find a book called “unlock all cards”. It costs only 50 gold and will unlock your cards and give you access to other arena decks as well.

  • Unlimited Gems and Gold
  • Unlimited Star Points
  • All Cards Unlocked
  • Maximum Level Cards
  • Champions Unlocked
  • Free Boxes
  • Clans and Clan Wars

Since this server is updated regularly with new content, you should also update your app every now and then. In addition to new cards, you can use the new ladder, replay system, new tower skins, and more.

Install Nulls Royale APK

If you are going to install mod APKs, you need the unknown installed permission, which can be found in Security > Install Apps > Unknown Secured.

After how you were prompted to enable Unknown Sources, you can now download a new APK file. Click on it to install.

The Null’s Royale APK is installing the game. You should have it in your phone within 5 seconds. After that, you can start playing and get unlimited features.

There are also versions for iPhones (iOS):

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