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We strongly encourage you to respect the rights of others, including their intellectual property rights, whether it be in the form of an article, image, audio file, or program. Please keep in mind that copyright infringement carries legal consequences and can result in preventive measures being taken.

  1. The information provided on the main and secondary web pages of noisefiction.ru (henceforth referred to as the «web resource») is presented for the free and comprehensive understanding of participants on topics that may be of interest to them.
  2. Please note that any information published on our web resource is provided in its original format, without any guarantees of relevance, completeness, accuracy, or correctness. Furthermore, we do not provide any express or implied warranties. Accessing and using the content on our web resource is done at your own discretion and risk.
  3. We do not enter into any agreements or make any guarantees regarding the use of the site or its content. It is up to the individual participant to access and use the site and its content at their own discretion and risk. We are not responsible for any issues that may arise from the use of the site or its content, and we do not assume any liability for the accuracy, completeness, or correctness of the information provided.
  4. Any software is saved by noisefiction.ru users at their own risk. Users are informed that the files can be placed by other users as well, whose actions are moderated by the noisefiction.ru administration team.
  5. The administrative structure does not provide any kind of promise or guarantee regarding the site and its content, including, without limitation, in terms of relevance, correctness, accessibility, accuracy, completeness or consistency with any specific goals of the website and content, in relation to that when browsing the portal there are no problems, it will be safe and uninterrupted, that the Administrators Group will fix the named malfunctions, or that there are no Trojan programs and viruses on the site, and also that the website does not violate rights of third parties are not specified.
  6. Some links on the noisefiction.ru website lead to third-party resources. These links are located on this Internet project for easy orientation and their presence does not mean that the Administrative Group of this portal encourages or generally assesses the content of third-party web resources. In addition, the Administration of the specified website is not responsible for the content of foreign resources and their availability. Written refers to any links, ad units and other data specified on the web resource submitted from other portals available on noisefiction.ru.
  7. The administration does not include among the basic powers such operations as controlling the legality or illegality of the information posted and sent, including the information that visitors transmit to one alone, either as separate materials or by sending links. The group of administrators does not determine the copyright, the legality of receiving and forwarding, as well as the use of materials transferred between the participants.
  8. The materials transmitted by one user to another are the subject of file exchange for the specified two users. The administration can not be held responsible for the content of this information, as well as for its belonging to any author or group of authors. This information may nevertheless be at the disposal of website administrators since any information transmitted on this resource automatically becomes the property of the founders of the website unless otherwise indicated.
  9. The portal administration team takes reasonable steps to ensure the completeness, legality and relevance of the content, but the Administration is not responsible for conscious and accidental actions of third parties or organizations, such as those produced using materials located on the Internet project or found through a resource like provided by the Administration and by third parties.
  10. The administrative structure of the Internet project, in accordance with current legislation, disclaims any promises, guarantees and assurances that may be either given or taken into account, and the Management Group is not responsible for the content of the Internet project; participants and the site itself.
  11. For advertising materials that are posted on the portal, only the advertiser is responsible. The web resource also warns that the possibility of acquiring or using the offered services and goods at a price or on the terms specified in the ad units is not guaranteed. The visitor agrees that the resource is not responsible for the likely consequences (including any damage) that have arisen as a result of any relationship with advertisers. Such damage includes cases: of personal injury, computer malfunction, computer addiction, damage to computing mechanisms and home networks, legal problems, and so on.
  12. The Internet project provides the ability for users to send comments, questions, suggestions, complaints and other notifications to enter this information into the relevant sections of the portal that will be viewed by other participants. This web resource is not responsible for the information transmitted.
  13. The party publishing the materials is obliged to verify the ownership of the copyright and the legality of the laid out articles or applications.
  14. The website admin team is not responsible for the content of the materials until they are edited by the moderators.
  15. The management group reserves the authority to supplement and reduce these requirements without notifying the participants. Also, the Management Group is not responsible for the modification, adjustment, editing, or deletion of any data published by the participants on the portal or other related sites.
  16. The administration has the right to edit or delete links to text information, executable files, audio materials, graphic files and other data that are published by the Participants on the web resource, without warning or explanation of claims.
  17. The name, trademark of the organization, product, as well as the copyright to the design, copyright material and certain indirect rights referred to, used or cited on the presented portal, belong to the full and present owners. Except the owner of the rights, no one has the right to manage the rights to use copyright data, unless otherwise indicated on the resource. Users are responsible for the theft of copyright material.
  18. Reading, distributing, or modifying information that is published on this resource may violate the laws of the country in which this project is used.
  19. The Visitor agrees that conflicts and frictions will be resolved according to current regulatory acts of the legislation of Ukraine.
  20. The visitor agrees with the fact that the normative acts and laws on the protection of consumer rights for the use of a web resource by the participant are inapplicable since there is no provision of commercial services.
  21. Silence and neutrality on the part of the resource administrators team in the event of an obvious or hidden violation by a member of the Rules does not deprive the Administration of this site of the right to apply reasonable measures to protect the interests of the portal later.
  22. By visiting this portal, the participant confirms the unequivocal acceptance of the “Disclaimer” clause and the proposed Rules, in addition, he accepts all responsibilities that may be imposed on the user due to legitimate circumstances.
  23. A team of portal administrators at any time has the right to make modifications to the Rules, which take effect immediately. Continued use of the portal after making modifications means that the participant automatically agrees with the new rules.