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Nulls Brawl: Angelo and Melody, new mode and ranked mode

Get ready Nulls Brawl fans, because a huge update is coming with tons of fresh gameplay, brawlers, modes, and features! This major content drop aims to overhaul the popular mobile game while keeping things fun and accessible. Let’s dive into the juicy details:

New Brawlers: Angelo and Melody

Two new brawlers are joining the colorful cast of Nulls Brawl characters. First up is Angelo, an epic sharpshooter who lives in the swamps and loves stirring up drama between brawlers. His special attack poisons foes over time. Later in March, the mythic brawler Melody arrives – a singing assassin who builds up damage-dealing musical notes as she fights.


Awesome New Modes

Trophy Escape (Solo Mode): In this 10-player free-for-all mode, eliminate brawlers or survive to collect trophies. Once five brawlers are defeated, portals activate to escape with your trophies. If no one escapes by the end, everyone loses!

Ranked Mode: Power League is replaced by a revamped competitive experience called Ranked. Only brawlers at high power levels can enter, with restrictions scaling from casual to hardcore ranks. Dynamic map modifiers, like instant reloads or destructible terrain, keep each match feeling fresh.

Power-Ups and Updates

  • New hyperchargers give abilities like slowing fields or bouncing projectiles.
  • Clara receives a new visual overhaul with improved physics and animations.
  • Skins can now provide bonuses like profile pics, sprays, voice lines, and more!

New Skins

  • Sense of Time: Shell Dancer skins, Dynasty Mike, Desert Scorpion Chuck
  • Line Friends: Connie (Colette), Brown (Brock), Sally (Gus)
  • Ragnarok: Norse mythology skins like Odin Cordelius and Thor BB
  • Mecha: Meon and winning Mecha Colt design

Other New Features

  • Report system upgrades help crack down on toxic behavior.
  • Ranks award cosmetic rewards like animated battle card backgrounds.
  • Special events and skin giveaways are planned.

So get hyped, because Nulls Brawl is going all-out to bring an avalanche of new gameplay to fans new and old! Drop into the action when this colossal update arrives.

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