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Nulls Brawl: Miko, Keith, Larry and Lawrie, 5v5 mode in Season 22

Nulls Brawl presents a major update: three new fighters, winter and cartoon skins, 5v5 modes and improved pass system with bonuses.

The release of the new version is expected within a week after the official game update.

New Brawlers

First up, three new brawlers will be added to the mix. Mico, the boom mic operator of Nullswood, will be available for free in the holiday Brawlidays calendar on December 14th. He can jump over obstacles with his main attack, dealing damage when he lands. His super allows him to leap into the air and choose where to land, stunning nearby enemies. Grouch Mico and Macaron Mico skins will also launch.

In January, get ready for Kit, the cat brawler! He’s a popular cartoon feline who uses his claws as a short-range but speedy main attack. Kit’s super attaches him to allies to heal or enemies to damage. When latched onto allies, his attack turns into a throwing attack. The legendary Kit arrives January 4th with the Billy the Kit skin.

Finally, robotic law enforcers Larry and Lawrie join up with R-T. Larry throws exploding tickets, while his super summons the larger Lawrie who chases and fires at enemies. Snag the Controllers skin when these two launch in February.

New Game Modes

The long-awaited 5v5 mode comes this month! Bigger map sizes for Brawl Ball, Wipeout, and Gem Grab will allow for epic 10 player face-offs. Brawl Ball gets a wider goal, while Gem Grab sees maps with two spawn points. Additional 5v5 modes will rotate in future updates.

New Brawlidays and Skins

Liven up your brawlers this holiday season with new Brawlidays skins like Santa Stu and return of older skins too. The Brawlidays calendar offers free daily items from December 12th through the 26th with goodies like Mico and the Dark Angel Colt skin.

Check out the cartoon-inspired Starr Toon skins as well. Snag the anime-influenced Pinku Pawlette skin by completing January’s brawl pass. Final Boss Rico, Toon Spike, and more round out the unique new aesthetic. Additional skins come later too like Win Otis and Flag Bearer Piper.

Revamped Progression

The way you progress in Nulls Brawl changes significantly thanks to the new Brawl Pass system. Available only via in-app purchase, the pass boosts rewards for paying players while still improving free players’ progress, too. Skins get awarded each season while unlocking new brawlers or earning credits substitutes for the previous brawler unlocks. Additional daily rewards and quests come with the pass as well.

Those who purchase can upgrade to the Brawl Pass Plus for more value, including extra progression, skin color variations, and a unique player title. Players can now unlock skins for brawlers they don’t own yet via the catalog.

Other Changes

Additional tweaks like win streaks, a new Mortis gadget, Shelly remodel, and trophy road bonuses should improve quality of life. Shared club replays make collaborating easier too. And use #SantaStu on social media to participate in content creator skin giveaways!

With tons of new features and updates headed our way this month and into early next year, Nulls Brawl fans have much to look forward to! This slate of new brawlers, skins, modes, and progression systems should breathe new life into the game we know and love. Stay tuned for all this exciting content coming soon!


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