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Nulls Brawl: Pearl and Chuck in the new Season 20

In this Nulls Brawl update, we will get two new brawlers, Pearl and Chuck. In this article, we will look at all the main innovations of the Nulls Brawl season 20 update. We will deal with the new system of hypercharges and changes in the pumping power of characters. We will also learn about the developers’ plans for further improvement of Nulls Brawl.

The update will be released only after the official BS update. After that, within a week, will update the private server Nulls Brawl.


Новый персонаж в Нулс Бравл - Перл.

Pearl is the new Chromatic Brawler for this season, completing Sam and Belle’s trio. She’s a cookie-oven robot created by Sam and Belle to be like a daughter to them. If you mess with her parents, Pearl will unleash the fury of a thousand burning cookies on you!

That’s right, her main attack is Hot Cookies. She spreads a series of cookies in medium range, making it easy to hit at least one, even if you’re distant. The damage depends on the heat level inside Pearl’s oven. The heat bar charges up when she’s not attacking, causing maximum damage when it’s full. The heat bar cools down again once Pearl attacks or uses her Super.

For her Super, Pearl quickly explodes, knocking back everything in a short radius around her. This also destroys walls. What’s unique about Pearl is managing her heat bar to maximize damage.

An underwater Skin called Periscope Pearl is coming at the end of the Brawl Pass. Her cookies become fish and she has a goldfish swimming inside her! There’s also a 29 Gem vintage toy oven Skin called Vintage Pearl.


Второй персонаж Нулс Бравл - Чак

October brings a new Brawler, Chuck! Formerly an orchestra conductor, Chuck now conducts trains for the Ghost Station. The eerie noises inspire his music as he travels between stops, occasionally performing for the mysterious Gus.

Chuck’s main attack is a cloud of hot steam from his hat that can hit a target up to three times. His Super is really unique – he can throw train signs on the ground, then dash between them. You’re limited in how many signs you can place, and they can’t connect across walls, but with the right setup you can dash all over!

It takes some strategy to use Chuck effectively, so check Nulls Brawl content creator videos for tips! There’s a 29 Gem Inferno Chuck skin too that makes Chuck look scarier.

Power Level Changes

Power Levels will now increase Brawler Power by 5-10% per level, up from a flat 5% before. This makes progression more meaningful. New visuals and animations when leveling up also help make it more exciting.

This shouldn’t affect end-game meta since all Brawlers upgrade the same. However, percentage-based Star Powers and Gadgets will be slightly weaker at first. The plan is to increase their percentages in future updates to compensate.


Как выглядит гиперзаряд.

Introducing Hypercharge at Power 11! Instead of adding Power 12, Gear slots unlock at level 8 now. The new progression order is:

  • Level 1 – Gadget
  • Level 5 – Gear
  • Level 7 – Star Power
  • Level 9 – Gear
  • Level 11 – Hypercharge

Hypercharge supercharges your Brawler for a short time, making them generally stronger with a more powerful Super. To activate it, fill the Hypercharge bar that appears around the new button. Filling the regular Super bar also fills the Hypercharge bar, but more slowly.

Once ready, tap the button! Your Brawler will be set aflame and the Super icon changes. Initial Hypercharge Brawlers are Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky, and Pearl. More will come each update!

Get Shelly’s Hypercharge free in the new Hypercharge Unleashed event! Play random maxed Brawlers and complete the quest to unlock it. Buy the Hypercharge collector’s bundle for more cosmetics. Or wait 2 weeks after release to buy Hypercharges directly.

Starr Force Changes

Starting in October, Hypercharge is available in Starr Drops during special events like Double Starr Drop days and free Shop offers.

Starr Force also reduces the number of active modes to improve matchmaking. Showdown, Brawl Ball, and rotating Knockout and Gem Grab are available. Siege returns rotating with Wipeout. Removed for now are Bounty, Heist, and Hotzone.

Bull gets a small model revamp, too! There’s also a new Rare gear being added.

Nulls Brawl World Finals

The 2022 World Finals will be at Dreamhack Winter in Sweden, November 24-26. Watch online or attend in person for exclusive merch! Look for the #RodeoHankGiveaway hashtag to win a new Skin.

New Skins

Get ready for some Wild West wasteland vibes! The new set is Wasteland Skins.

  • Scorpion Willow controls minds with her new scorpion pets. She comes in the Brawl Pass, so grab her with Bling!
  • Marauder Maisie suits the post-apocalyptic look perfectly as the Power League Skin.
  • Raider Cordelius leaves his garden to survive the harsh desert.
  • Rodeo Hank keeps his shrimp tank but now has more of a ranch vibe.

Mixing Brawl with school brings us Brawl Academy Skins!

  • Nerd Squeak has the best grades and loves sci-fi films.
  • Cheerleader Rosa turns boxing gloves into pompoms to cheer on the school team.
  • Mean Girl Emz gives College Emz a remodel to join the school gang.
  • Jock Stu is the popular sports star taking his prom date out dancing. This 299 Gem skin comes with a pin pack, profile pic, spray, and new defeat animation!

More News

  • New Mecha Skin coming in October – Mecha Edgar! Includes the new defeat animation.
  • Two Lunar Skins: Lunar Janet and Hanbok Mandie for the festival.
  • Club League revamp coming soon to simplify and allow more participation.
  • Power League rework also planned for better rewards and accessibility.
  • Social improvements and easier ways to play with others on the roadmap.
  • Evaluating Brawl Pass cadence, Chromatic Brawlers, and potential extra value.
  • More new fun game modes coming in future updates!

Stay tuned for all these exciting changes! Let us know what you’re most excited for in the comments.

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